Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a website for my association?

The number of people accessing information online is increasing on a daily basis. An association website provides an efficient communication channel for sharing information about the association with all the residents. Residents can access the calendar of events, homeowner documents, meeting minutes, service requests, etc. from your associatio website. Board members can maintain resident and vendor contact information in a central secured location. This is especially useful for newly appointed board members to access historical information. An association website not only reduces your commonucation costs but provides an increasingly popular mode of communication to all the residents.

What is the cost for the association website?

We charge a one-time setup fee depending on the size of the association. Additionally, there is a monthly hosting fee depending on the size of the assocaition. However, we do not charge any monthly fees to associations with 50 units and less. There is an additional fee if you require custom setup or additional features.

Our Homeowner Connect website offers all the necessary features for board members and property managers to communicate and share information with residents effectively.

Review pricing details.

How long does it take to setup an association website?

We can setup your associatoin website within five business day upon receipt of all necessary information related to your associatoin. Since we also offer customized setup to meet your specific needs this could take longer depending on your customizations.

I'm not a board member - can I setup a website for my association?

We understand that board members alone may not be able to manage the association webiste; hence, we can setup website administrators for your associatoin website that will allow selected residents to assist the board members with ongoing website updates.

I'm an independent property manager - can I setup websites for my properties?

While property managers can also setup FREE association websites for their properties we highly recommend the Manager Connect website for property managers. The Manager Connect website will allow you to access all your association websites from a central portal along with additional features to help you organize your ongoing operational responsibilities.